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Saci is in our care now

This Dalmatian lady was found in Sárazsadány on the 21st November 2012. She was wandering on the streets for a few days then the animal shelter of Sárospatak rescued her. The only option for them was to place her in an outer kennel, where she slept in an ancient refrigerator lined with straw in the freezing cold. Many of you have drawn our attention to the poor girl, while we were trying to get in touch with the shelter. After the 14-day quarantine she became adoptable. We managed to speak with the shelter and we began to organize a fosterhome for her. Days got colder and the freezing nights meant a huge threat for the skinny dog, so we needed to find her a place as soon as possible. The other problem to solve was the transport from the shelter to the future fosterhome. 

We asked for help and luckily a guardian angel showed up soon: she drove 500 kms only for the spotted girl! She brought her from Sárospatak to Budapest today (14th of December). Dear Timi, thank you for the transport! In the afternoon we could take the dog over. It’s quite hard to believe that such thin dogs are still alive, as we have never seen such a skinny Dalmatian before. It’s obvious that she had puppies, maybe more times during her 3 years. What is also clear that she has never been given proper care and food so far. This lady is severly undernourished, though she is lively and active, still curious to see what’s happening around her. SACI is the name we chose for the little girl, who was happy to share the love in heart with us in the form of big kisses.
First, we visited the veterinarian for a throrough examination and a microchip.

There are wounds on her body – signs of bites from her past – and she was full of fleas… It wasn’t possible to leave her in the animal hospital, so we had to find her a place right there and then. A place without other dogs, but she needed a full bath before we could take her to the fosterhome. Thanks to the animal hospital we managed to give her a bath in their pet grooming salon. Saci stayed calm and quiet during the grooming, maybe she even enjoyed it. 🙂

In her fosterhome, Saci showed us that she has received some training and education in the past, hopefully she has seen better days, as well. We can’t understand why someone had decided to get rid of this beautiful little girl. Now, she is finally treated as all dogs should be: delicious food and a comfortable beanbag awaited her. She’ll probably fall asleep within seconds after such a long and busy day.

We are extremely thankful to everyone who helped Saci, also for the Shares on Facebook!
You can see more photos of Saci here: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Saci

The organization of Saci’s transport and placement has used up the association’s phonecard. It’s not surprising that 2-3.000 Ft ( 7-10 euros) easily fly away while the dog can settle in an appropriate and safe home. Saci needs to get more vaccinations, anti-flea treatments, quality food and vitamins to become healthy and strong again.

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