Dalmata Mentés

We took Dalmi in our care

Dalmi, the Dalmatian-mix lady, who lived on the streets of Pásztó, is in our care now. The veterinarian of the Gazdit és Otthont Egyesület examined her and the association helped in her transport, as well. Dalmi was given a shower and an anti-flea treatment soon after she had arrived to her fosterhome. You can see her glowing in the pictures – she feels safe now. She will receive a microchip and a combined vaccination next week and she needs to be sterilized, too. We are looking for supporters who could help us cover these costs. Without a foster family, her life could have easily ended in a dogpound.
Please, help us provide this lovely spotted lady the necessary veterinary care.
Thank you!

Dalmata Fajtamentő KHE
K&H Bank Zrt.
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