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Kira is in our care

On Friday we were notified about a Dalmatian, who had been taken to the dogpound of Ózd by her owners. Kockás ( „Cubed” ) lived in a flat before and now she didn’t understand what on earth she had done to be left on the cold concrete of the shelter, among the countless stressed dogs.
In fact, she couldn’t be : her family changed home and this was the solution they chose for the poor lady. She soon became shy and reserved and didn’t touch her food but luckily she was still in a good shape, so we began to organize a fosterhome for her immediately. This is the hardest part ever but we didn’t want to see her condition getting worse from the stress caused by the circumstances in the dogpound.
Thanks to God, one of our volunteers offered help in transport and Luna’s owners offered a fosterhome for the dog. Now that we managed to organize her transport and placement we only needed to take her.
Saturday at noon we left for Ózd, it was quite a long trip but it was absolutely worth taking our time. The spotted lady acted nice from the very first moment we met and she became very ecxited when we freed her out of the cage. However, she was still afraid and she lied with her back to us on the back seat of the car for about an hour. We covered her with a blanket and so she slowly began to believe that she is safe now and fell in a deep sleep for the rest of the long drive.
We arrived to Budapest at 6 pm, where we headed to the veterinarian. She received a microchip, an anti-worm pill, a vaccination against Rabies and a combined vaccination. Her extra-long claws were clipped, too.
We wondered how on earth she was able to walk on these huge claws. Her duci shape and her undermuscled limbs show that her owners didn’t really take her on walks… Maybe she has never experienced how it feels to run free in the park or on the field…
All in all, she was calm during the treatment and after that she waited patiently for the paper work to end. She was at an ease a lot more and she even cuddled to us.

Then we took her to her fosterhome. Luna’s family offered her a place. She is also a brown-spotted lady, rescued recently from the Illatosut. We could immediately see that the dog was not dominant at all, in opposition to the information we received earlier. When she first saw Luna, she barked a little but as soon as the two dogs met, she began to wag her tail and having sniffed each other, she gave lots of kisses to Luna’s nose.

She behaved very friendly and wanted to play with her new pal right there on the street. When they arrived home, she acted a bit shy for about half an hour but then her mood became better and better so she began to play with everyone in the house. We were happy to hear that she gets along very well with the foster family’s other dogs, too.
Since she gave no attention to the name „Kockás” (and it’s also quite difficult to pronounce it), the family christened her Kira.
With the help of the foster family, we will get a more complete picture of Kira’s behavior and real nature during the next weeks and then we will be able to find her a loving and caring forever home.
You can find more photos of Kira here: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Kira/

We hope to find supporters in order to cover Kira’s veterinary costs and food.
She is the 16th dog in our association’s care this year. We can only pay the costs of her care from donations.
Our members and volunteers try everything to rescue the dogs, paying often from the own pockets. However, we won’t get far from our own resources, therefore we are truly grateful for the smallest help!
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