Dalmata Mentés



Gomez will travel to Germany in March. A rescue organization specialized in Dalmatians takes him over. We hope that he’ll soon find his dream family!


23/11/2012 – Gomez needs a new home!

Mediated Dalmatian male for adoption.
In the care of HEROSZ Fejér County animal rescue organization.
Gomez, approx. 6 years old, mid-size Dalmatian male.
He was found in the middle of November 2012, then taken from the HEROSZ animal rescue center to a fosterhome.
Not recommended for families with cats.
Recommended for families with children and other dog(s).
“Gomez is a beautiful Dalmatian boy. He is looking for a home, where he will be treated as a member of the family with
daily walks and occasional training.
He doesn’t like this cold winter weather, would like to move to a flat or a family house where he is allowed to go inside by all means.  Gomez is housebroken.
He gets along well with other dogs, was tested for males and females, as well as small and large dogs and he reacted very well to all of them.
Vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped,castrated.
At the present he lives in a fosterhome, for more information please write to kicsiluna@mgmail.com”
or info@dalmatamentes.hu