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Szonja needs a forever home

Szonja is looking for a forever home!

Szonja was born in 2012, she’s only 2 years old but has already suffered a lot in her previous home.
She was kept in a pigpen with her two sisters all her life. The food they received was hardly enough to stay alive… They were beaten often and thus lived through the days feeling terribly threatened knowing that whatever comes next simply can’t be any good. These poor souls were used to produce as many puppies as possible and earn money to their owners with it.
The continuous maltreatment and deep fear made her attack at people who approached her in the beginning.  Fortunately, this is the past. Thanks to the tender care of the fosterhome these bad memories slowly faded away.  Szonja has gone through an amazing change since she arrived into our care in December 2013.
She’s a friendly an active Dalmatian lady who loves going for long walks and enjoys the freedom of this new way of life.
Slowly she opened to people but she still approaches strangers carefully. She needs a little time to build up trust to new people but then she would do anything to stay by the side of those she loves.
She likes being around other dogs, loves playing and having fun with them. Gets along well with both males and females, so she could be a great choice if you are looking for a four-legged friend for your dog at home.
Szonja is house-trained and she likes being around the ones she loves. However, she tends to act like
a puppy, she examines everything inside the flat/house and as she is reliving her lost puppy days now, she might  chew a few things she finds interesting.

Szonja would like to move to a flat or a family house but only if she’s allowed to go and sleep inside, because she has a short fur and spending a longer time outside in a cool or cold weather could easily cause urinary problems for her.
Not recommended for families with children or cats.

Szonja is vaccinated (Rabies, combined), microchipped, dewormed, spayed and healthy.
She is looking for a forever home in our care.
She can be adopted with an adoption contract signed after previous meetings and a trial adoption period.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (SZONJA) or +3630-3457051

Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Szonja/

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