Dalmata Mentés

Update to our adopted dogs: Winnie, Boston, Saci

Winnie moved to her new family 3 weeks ago. 🙂

We got new photos of her recently. She obviously feels superb in her new family and her relationship with Tenor is improving from day to day.

Tenor wasn’t really happy about the arrival of the new rival… When he realized that Winnie is not only a guest and she will stay longer than he imagined, well, he had the sulks for several days.
Though we got to know a highly social and playful dog when Tenor came into our care, he got used to being the prince lately and he refused to share his bed, his family and basically his life with this pretty girl.
Now he is feeling better about this. Athough the dogs still don’t storm around as real friends but they play with each other more often and as you can see, they enjoy sleeping together on their large bed. 🙂

Winnie likes playing with “Dad”, they run around the garden and take long walks in the nearby vast lands, stricly on leash. Letting a freshly adopted dog off leash requires regular training and a deep trust from both parts, but Winnie’s new family is aware of this rule. What a wonderful life Winnie has! 🙂


Boston, adopted in 2012 🙂

At the end of November 2012 Boston moved to his new home after he’d been castrated. He discovered the garden and immediately found the huge comfy bed that his new family prepared for him.

We received news about Boston. He regained his strength and he is in a great shape now. He received a heated dog house, though there’s a comfy basket in the house, he enjoys spending his time in the garden and he already protects his home as a real guard dog.
Making friends with other dogs is still problematic for Boston, but his family refused to give up on him and they do everything to make him accept that dogs are no enemy and meeting them can actually be fun. They asked for the help of dog trainers and ‘Mum’ began to attend a dog training course together with her beloved spotted friend. They spend loads of time and energy with Boston and share all the love in their heart with him, because he’s become a real member of their family. 🙂


Saci/Pötyi is very happy in her new home. 🙂

She is in a great shape now, regained strength, which she really deserved having been neglected for such a long time. Do you remember the poor Dalmatian girl, who needed urgent help in the freezing winter? She was mere skin and bone and slept on a small pile of straw…

We weren’t surprised to see that Saci captivated fostermum’s heart, who just couldn’t let her go. Now, “Mum” takes care of her very well and they both attend dog training sessions at home in order to reach a happy and smooth everyday life. Their first training went very well: a short talk between “Mum” and the Trainer made Pötyi ease up, too, and after that they went for a walk outside. Pötyi lacked proper walk-on-leash skills, but she learns extremely fast and at the end of the session she was walking as if she had this knowledge right at her fingertips, or pawtips to be more precise. 🙂 Pötyi showed no dominance and no aggression during the walk. The little family can’t wait for the next lesson. 🙂