Dalmata Mentés

Our rescue dogs get professional training

Molly, our spotty puppy and Szeppi, the small-size Dalmatian-mix attend dog training classes each weekend, while Leila gets her training session at home. Their foster families practice basic obedience with them every day to prepare them for a happy life in their new homes. Walking on leash without pulling, reliable recall, indifferent behavior, desensitization to various stimuli, food refusal, socialization etc. are all important for the comfortable everydays.
Thanks to the devotion of our fosterhomes the candidates can adopt a ‘well-established’ dog. Training must be continued after adoption, of course, but the pre-training will facilitate the process of the dog’s settling in a new home.

If you are interested in any of our dogs to be rehomed, please write to info@dalmatamentes.hu indicating the dog’s name. Click here to see who is available for adoption now:

Or visit their albums on the Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue page on facebook:

We are thankful to the kind colleagues of the Kutyaközpont dog training centre for their professional help!