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Fura | Fura | Fura

Fura, the 11 year-old lovely Dalmatian lady went through the breast tumour surgery in April. She recovered very well and she is still waiting for her new family.

Her life was filled with lots of love. Unfortunately her owner’s health conditions worsened during the past months. Now, Fura would love to find a nice family, who could give her all the love and attention she got used to. We recommend her to owners with a family house, because she feels good in that environment. Fura loves people, especially children, likes to participate in fun (even lets the small ones dress her up).
Gets on well with dogs, shows no aggressive behavior. Not recommended for owners with cats as she likes to chase them.
Fura needs space to roam about, requires daily exercise and care. Being close to her beloved owners is enough for her. Understands the basic commands and obeys them well. She didn’t know the leash earlier but now she walks quite well on it. Has good guarding instinct and lets out her voice when unauthorized fellows approach her territory.
Fura likes lolling about and sunbathing in the early spring sunshine. Giving her a shower may prove to be circuitous but she always surrenders when it comes to grooming as she really enjoys it. Particularly curious by nature, nothing could her notice.
All in all, Fura is a smart Dally but she needs an assertived owner as she tends to become a bit stubborn sometimes. However, she gives all her love in exchange for the care and attention.
Vaccinated, healthy.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (FURA)
More information: www.dalmatamentes.hu