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Fura még mindig gazdát keres | Fura, the elderly lady in good shape, needs a sweet home

An incredibly fast recovery followed her surgery. Today, she runs about happily during the walks. According to her carer Fura could easily cover several miles. But when the evening comes poor Dally is left alone in a kennel in the working place of her carer. She was allowed to sleep on a comfy pillow all along her recovery, but that period is over now.

Fura would love to find someone who could take care of her and this way she wouldn’t have to spend the nights and weekends alone.
She’d be glad to have a nice snug close to people. Behaves well inside, perfectly housebroken, asks to be let out. All in all Fura wouldn’t mean any trouble.

Our organization offers help and contribution to possible veterinary costs in case someone adopted her.
Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (FURA)

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