Dalmata Mentés

Retractable leashes and harnesses needed

Currently, we have 6 dogs in our care: Dorisz, Kira, Leila, Saci, Sissy and Winnie all live in loving fosterhomes.
Their daily care requires adequate equipment, as well. We have received pretty collars and leashes as donations, but our only flexi leash is used by Leila.
Sissy won’t release herself outside on a short leash, which have already caused a little problem inside the house… A harness would be the best option for her dumpy body. Guiding the elderly Dalmatian lady with the collar is not that easy as it continuously slips off her neck. The harness sent to us proved to be too weak for her strengh.
Winnie can be walked off leash in larger areas but a retractable leash would be useful for the daily walks in the city, which will let her move more.
We use the financial donations to cover veterinary and feeding costs. We would like to spare buying expensive equipment unless we have to.
Please think of our rescue dogs and help our foster families with material donations, as well, if you can.

We would be glad to receive the following equipment, new or used pieces, as well:
– 2 pieces of Flexi automatic retractable leashes, size L (up to 50 kgs or 25 pounds)
– 1 strong harness, size L
Please write to info@dalmatamentes.hu (FLEXI) regarding your offerings. Postal address will be sent via email.
Thank you!