Dalmata Mentés

Egon végre otthonra talált | Egon has finally been adopted!

Egon has finally been adopted!

We began to advertise him in January 2012, originally as Pongo from the Domus Optima organization.

In March a couple of dog lovers found him in the woods near Veszprém. He was in the worst condition ever: the once beautiful and strong Dalmatian male was mere skin and bone. His body was covered in countless wounds, even the end of his tail was missing. It also turned out that he was deaf and he was completely washed-out.

Pongo was taken over by the Vackoló animal rescue organization, where he received a new chance and a new name, as well. Egon gained strengh and recovered very well during the next weeks. His condition was sufficient enough to go through the procedure of neutering. We received the news that Egon has recently been rehomed.

We really hope that his new family will take care of him very well and he won’t get lost again. (Egon received a microchip.)
Thank you dear Vackoló for having looked after Egon!