Dalmata Mentés

Dorka – R.I.P.

Help arrived too late for Dorka this time.
We have advertised the elderly Dalmatian lady since May as a mediated dog. Unfortunately, noone applied for her, probably due to her 12 years of age. However, we were trying to find a solution for her and now that winter is coming closer, we do our best to save the dogs, who live in awful circumstances, and place them in fosterhomes.
We managed to organize a foster family for Dorka for today. We phoned the owner to arrange the takeover. We were quite shocked to hear her say that the dog hadn’t come out of his doghouse for about a day or two. She showed no intention to go and see how the dog is, no matter how many times we asked. We mobilized half of Pest County and soon – with the help of the Animal Police Hungary – we reached a volunteer, who visited the spot. We were sorry to hear that Dorka was dead and so he could only take her frozen body out of that sad place.
It’s our deepest regret to experience such a terrible story. None of the dogs deserve such disinterest from their owner’s part.
Rest in peace, dear Dorka!