Dalmata Mentés

News about Dalmi

Dalmi has found love and care in her foster family.
This beautiful Dalmatian-mix lady with a cute black patch around her left eye can’t be older than a year. She loves fawning up to people, loves playing and sharing her love with others. She walks well on leash and she is fully housebroken. She only needs a caring family, who could make her forget all the bad memories from her former street life. Her veterinary care exceeded our previous calculations, her sterilization and microchipping have already emptied the association’s financial resources and she still needs to receive a combined vaccination.
Please, support Dalmi with your donations! Every cent counts!
Thank you for you generous contribution!

Dalmata Fajtamentő KHE
K&H Bank Zrt.
HU57 10403923-50526590-88901008 (IBAN)

More information: http://dalmatamentes.hu/lang/hu/fontos- … erstutzen/