Dalmata Mentés

News about Daisy

Guess whom we met today in the dog training school?

Daisy’s foster carer has left for the long-weekend and she entrusted Daisy to a dog school for a little socialization training.
She is still nice with people, loves fawning up to them and pays attention to her human friends. However her behaviour towards dogs was questionable. So this is a great opportunity that she can spend the weekend under the supervision of the dog trainers of the Pólus Kutyakiképző Iskola (dog training school).
They brought Daisy to the school, where she was surrounded by numerous dogs. The head trainer was working with her most of the time and she behaved very well. In the end the trainers carefully allowed her to be around a sociable and calm male dog, which meant no problem for her. However, Daisy needs to learn a lot in order to “function” well in the future, too.

Daisy has become a beautiful lady! She is in great shape and whenever she hears her name, her head shots up immediately to see how she could be at people’s service.
I do hope that Helga will take her to the dog school, at least once a week.
Of course, the best solution would be if this cute Dally took the fancy of someone, who would adopt her and continue her training in the dog school!

Daisy is a docile and responsive dog. According to the dog trainers she’s capable of learning and she could really become a great company for someone, who’s willing to spend time and energy training her besides providing her lots of love.
Daisy needs a new home!