Dalmata Mentés

Meet our newest rescue Dally: Culi

Two weeks ago we got a disturbing phone call about a Dalmatian sitting on a piece of carton in the middle of a busy square in downtown Budapest. A woman was actually selling the dog in the freezing weather!
A student saw them and couldn’t leave the dog there, so she practically bought to dog for a few euros from the woman who seemed to live on the streets… Dorka took the dog home but her own dog objected so she asked our help. Thank you Dorka for saving the poor soul by acting so brave!

Interestingly, the dog had documents and she was microchipped, too, so after another series of phone calls we managed to find the original owner. But this is not how Culi’s story ended… The owner by no means wanted the dog back so we had to find a fosterhome ASAP. In the end we did but that Friday and Saturday were really long days for all of us.

Again, we have 21 dogs in our care, all at once… Not such a big number but for the 3 of us, it really means a hard job, everyday.

Culi is a clever and active Dalmatian lady with a lovely character. She did not deserve all these challenges with her 8 years!

Please, never give your dog away as a gift to strangers claiming to be volunteers of a shelter! Especially if you meet them in the middle of a big city with an insinuating look!
If you can’t take care of your dog anymore, please look around and try to find a reliable animal rescue organization with an official team and the appropriate operative background!

Culi will be adoptable after spaying. She is vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped. More information coming soon…

Photos of Culi: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/culi