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Clyde, Dalmatian male needs a forever home

We still haven’t managed to find an owner for our dog, Clyde.

Please share this post, in order to find him one. Let’s find the dream-owner of his together!

Clyde (Folti) is a nine-year-old castreted male dog, he has a chip, and he is looking for a new loving family. He is very vigilant, thus he is a very good watchdog. He is also nice-looking, and graceful, and he is in a really good health condition, he doesn’t seem old at all. He is a very active, sporty dog.

His life so far was not so stimuli-rich, since he has been living in a kennel together with an other dog, Bonnie, who is living now with her new owner. The life is just about to begin for Clyde, he loves walking, and he is open to the new things.

He doesn’t like cats, he can live together with other dogs, mainly with a spayed female dog, or he can also get used to living as an only-dog.

The perfect life for him would be living in a garden, but it is not unimaginable for him to live inside.

He used to snap after sudden movements, but at his current owner, where they take care of him properly, he doesn’t do it anymore.  At his previous home he was about to run out of the garden, but his owners catched him harsh with a sudden movement, so probably that was the reason why he snaped there occasionally.

He doesn’t take the treats softly from the hand, nobody has ever taught him how to do so. He was taught how to walk on a leash by us, so he can do it now.

He is a very loyal, lovable, and devoted type, especially after he made sure that he is loved. It is a benefit for him if there is someone in the family who shows him what his position in the pack is, but since he is not a very dominant dog, it won’t be a problem for the owner.

We DO NOT recommend him for a family with small children.

You can meet him in Pilisvörös (Hungary).

Clyde: http://dalmatamentes.hu/portfolio/folti-nyirabrany/

More pictures about him: http://dalmatamentes.hu/portfolio/folti-nyirabrany/



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