Dalmata Mentés

Carmen & Lucky

An afternoon with Carmen and Lucky 🙂

In the middle of February we met Carmen and her applicants. 5 Dalmatians, formerly rescued by our organization, joined us that afternoon and soon our happy team became a real spectacle on the banks of the River Danube.
There was Molly, who came into our care last March as a little puppy. She grew up since then and turned into a beautiful and well-behaved Dalmatian lady thanks to her family’s love and care and the proper training.
Kira, the stepmother of the 6 rescue puppies left the treadmill of babysitting for a few hours. Maya, Mese and Szofi were also glad to meet their friends. Lucky, the only male in the Dally group, enjoyed the company of so many pretty ladies.

Lucky arrived into our care in the middle of December 2013. His fosterdad, now aspiring Dad, takes wonderful care of him and thanks to the delicious food and long walks, he gained a few pounds and put on a little muscle. He looks really handsome now. He chose Molly to play with and we could hardly follow their moves as they were running and wrestling with great enthusiasm. Lucky is planning to visit the dog school soon in order to develop his skills, learn some tricks and work on a perfect recall.

Carmen, one of the mother dogs from the puppy mill, has made huge steps in her fosterhome. She learns a lot from the foster family and their therapy dogs and we were happy to see her behave so open and friendly with us, too. Next weekend she will take the beginner exam in the dog school and if everything goes well, she can move to his applicants after that. The family has already visited the spotted lady twice and we all have positive feelings about the future. This week we will meet again and we all hope that Carmen will be able to begin the trial adoption.
Please, keep your fingers crossed for her! Thank you. 

carmen_lucky carmen_lucky2