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Leila visited the vet again

Leila’s pain must have been pushed aside by the thrill of the journey last Thursday. She became quiet in her fosterhome but this serenity has slowly turned into languor.
When she jumped in the car for the next vet visit, she seemed to feel awful and something was not right with her, obviously. Sad news awaited us in the examination room. The severe inflammation in her breasts is still there, so she received another type of antibiotics. We bought all the necessary medication for her and the long treatment has to be combined with cold packs twice a day. Moreover her ears are inflamed, too, they need daily cleaning with special ear drops.
The next control is planned for Tuesday in case her condition doesn’t get worse. Till then her fostermum takes perfect care of her. The sad Dalmatian lady stayed calm and silent during the various examinations (ultrasound, injections), though everyone could see the pain in her eyes. 🙁

Please support Leila’s veterinary costs, if you can. The bills are continiuosly arriving. We are glad for even the tiniest donations because we’d like to give Leila everything to become a happy and healthy dog again.

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Note: Leila

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