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News about the dogs in our care!

News about the dogs in our care!

Fura – Rehomed!
We took the elderly Dalmatian lady in our care – and this saved her from the freezing weather – in the beginning of December.
Her original owner managed to find her a nice place within her family, so Fura can enjoy the loving company of people already familiar to her.
The family took her home from the fosterhome in the beginning of January. Fura gets along very well with their own elderly dog. You can read the story of the country-traveller Dalmatian lady in our blog, soon.

Saci – Reserved!
Saci is on the best way to become healthy again. She was taken to the animal shelter in the end of November and then in mid-December we could place her in a fosterhome. The Dalmatian girl was severly undernourished and has been suffering from bloody diarrhea since then.
The vet has given her the second cure of antibiotics treatment, while the conscientious fostermum prepares boiled food for Saci every day, following the vet’s instructions.
Saci and her fostermum get along so well that she has already expressed her intention to adopt the lovely spotted girl.

Kira – Reserved!
We rescued Kira in the beginning of December, when we brought her to a fosterhome from the animal shelter. The pretty brown-spotted girl soon won the heart of the family, who has already expressed their intention to adopt her. According to their plans, they will move to a family house in a few weeks. Their dogs will have enough space to play in the garden and naturally they’ll be allowed to enter the house and roam around freely. Unfortunately, one of the neighbours in the block of flats where they live didn’t agree with the family’s decision and informed against them. We needed to find a solution for the situation right then. One of our volunteers offered a place for Kira and we managed to organize her transport in no time to the fosterhome located a few hundred kms away from the capital. Thus the spotted lady set on a journey again and she spent the Christmas in her new home in the company of two Dalmatians and a couple of English Cockers. Settling in went well, though she acted a bit shy in the beginning, now she plays a lot with her new friends and they already sleep together.

Dorisz – Reserved, on probation!
Dorisz has also arrived in our care in the beginning of December, when we found her a nice fosterhome. This was not the first time she needed a new home. We advertised her as mediated dog two years ago and a family adopted her to their rescued Dalmatian. Unfortunately, they had less and less time to deal with Dorisz because of family reasons. Though they managed to find her a place, it proved to be far from good for a dog that demands company and rehabilitation. So we took her in our care in order to give her a chance to find a loving family that would pay a lot more attention to her.
During the first month spent in her fosterhome Dorisz went through an incredible change. The once distrustful and growling dog has turned into a lively, playful and cuddling, smart Dalmatian girl. The new year brought Dorisz a new chance, when one of the foster family’s friends fell in love with her. Having passed the mandatory formalities she moved to her owner-to-be for probation in the beginning of January.