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The 9 rescue puppies are rehomed

  Szira, Silver, Star, Szikra, Cherry, Chanel, Casper, Coco, Cliff

The 9 puppies rescued from the puppy mill are officially rehomed!

Three months ago these Dalmatian puppies were lying on the cold concrete of a windy pigpen in the freezing December weather. They were hiding in the back corner close to each other hoping for a day that would never come… Then one evening the heavy gates opened up and they felt the warmth of unfamiliar hands on their shivering bodies as they were lift up and carried to never seen places. “What’s going on? Where are they taking me? Am I gonna get hurt again?” – these questions were swirling in the little heads of the 2 and 4 month-old puppies.

Later, in the car, they peaked around with fear in their eyes and cuddled to each other and to the adults – Szonja, Carmen, Samy and Szejke. They didn’t know back then that things are turning good and they will never ever have to be afraid again.

After a few hours drive the doors of the car opened and the 13 dogs were laid on soft pillows by careful hands. They found themselves in an environment they have never seen before. People were bustling around in the warm room with delicious treats in their hands and they caressed the dogs with love and patience. The little ones seemed to be quite stunned… Is this real?

Long weeks have passed when they finally began to believe that there’s nothing to fear. Slowly – very slowly – they experienced what it means to get proper nutrition and care, to eat quality food,
to get caresses and to be embraced by arms filled with love. The learnt to play without the consequence of getting hurt or shout at. They learnt about love, safety and trust.

A month ago all the 9 puppies had a chance to experience the biggest wonder of a dog’s life: living happily in a home as a family member, where each day goes by with love and fun, spiced with yummy treats. The trial adoption went perfect for all the puppies, no problems arised so the time has come for them to be officially adopted.

We organised a special meeting for Saturday: we invited the new families of the rescue puppies to get the spotted team together and sign the adoption contracts.
Samy joined us with his family and Carmen, who recently moved on trial adoption, was also happy to see her friends.
Szonja was there, as well and we could hardly believe our eyes: the once fearful and extremely reserved lady went through such an amazing change – she greeted all the people and dogs with a big smile on her face.

We were glad to meet Spike, who moved to his new home last November. The puppy mill rescue consumed all our freetime so his trial adoption was prolonged to this meeting. Thanks to the long months spent in his fosterhome and the training continued by his family, the once overly aggressive Dalmatian boy calmed down and now he played happily with all the spots around.

We spent 2 hours in the field and the 13 Dalmatians – all rescued – provided a real spectacular for the passersby. At the end of the walk we signed the adoption contracts and all dogs, young and adult alike, went to bed tiredly in the evening.

DSC04291  DSC04477

We would like to express again how thankful we are to the Hungarian Animal Protective Guard. Without their help all this couldn’t have come true. Their continuous support made it possible for our tiny team to rescue those poor dogs from the pigpen.
We are thankful to Csaba for his generous contribution in the initial transport. He took us to Kaba and spared no effort (including his car) to bring the Dalmatian pack to Budapest. He gave the dogs hope to take the first step on the way leading to a better future.
We are thankful to the fosterhomes (Kitti, Adrienn and Viola) for taking such wonderful care of the adults till they found loving homes.
A special thankyou goes to Mariann and her family for taking care of Szejke and her newborn babies. They spent endless time and energy caring for the little puppies who lost their mother at the age of only 3,5 weeks.
We are thankful for all your support, financial and material donations. Without your contribution it would have been impossible to realize the dogs’ everyday care.
Last but not least a huge thankyou goes to the adoptive families for welcoming the rescue dogs in their homes and lives and for providing them a bright future filled with love and attention.

We wish the 9 puppies, Samy and Spike many-many happy years in their new families !! 🙂

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Samy &Spike




Zápor & Carmen