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A short summary of 2012

A short summary of 2012

We greeted 2012 as a freshly founded organisation. Hardley have we “turned official” when we were notified about Dalmatians in trouble.
Our company, established from our own resources, became more and more well-known, which brought us supporters, as well. With their kind help we finally had a chance to rescue dogs living in awful circumstances by taking them into our care. However, finding a place for all of them is much harder than it seems. For us it’s still a constant fight, therefore we are still waiting for fosterhomes to apply in order to help a lot more dogs.
Our team was transformed, new volunteers joined our active members and thus the camp of determined Dalmatian rescuers slowly began to get wider.
Some of the founder members seceded from our team and thus we launched the transfer of the organisation’s seat to the capital.
Our members live in various parts of Hungary and we manage the rescue work well-aligned of our own free will.
We kindly await supporters and helpers committed to the breed, who would like to know more about the rescued dogs’ life and our organisation’s work. You can join our team anytime without restraints.

You can read more about our team’s 2012 work in our Diary, written on a monthly basis:

Last but not least, here are the numbers:
– 20 dogs arrived into our care
– 39 dogs were advertised through mediation
You can read more about each dog in their own topic on our forum: http://dalmatamentes.hu/forum/

Photos and stories: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/

We truly hope that more and more people will see the importance of responsible decisions when they think about welcoming a pet into their families. A Dalmatian is a decision for a lifetime, with its ups and downs, both the happy days and the difficulties that may arise.
Sometimes it does happen that fate tricks us when an adult dog has to search for a new home. Our up-to-date database and advertisement sites are reserved for these spotted fellows. Notwithstanding we do hope to meet less Dalmatians in trouble this year.

Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue Team
Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue