Dalmata Mentés

Update to the 6-month-old puppies

The 6-month old puppies have found promising candidates in the past weeks, so we began to organise the date of their neutering. Szira, Silver and Szikra were neutered on Wednesday, the surgery went very well without complications.
The puppies spend the period of recovery in loving fosterhomes. Yesterday we took them to the vet for the 3-day control and according to the examination they are all doing great. Next weekend, after the removal of their stitches they can begin the trial adoption in their forever homes-to-be.

In the meantime, a nice couple applied to foster Star. He will soon move to his new home, where a friendly puppy of the same age is waiting for him. The family has experience in handling dogs with hearing problems and they are going to teach Star with the help of sign language. He is a smart boy, learns fast and already knows the basics. After neutering the puppies will have all the time to play and have fun together, while enjoying the tender care and endless attention of their family.