Dalmata Mentés

Update to the 3-month-old puppies: vaccination program has begun

The 3-month-old puppies got their last vaccination on Friday (10th January). The vets examined them and we measured their weight. During the period of growth they often leave then reach each other in size, which may cause differences among the puppies when you look at them.
Each puppy has a unique character. Beside the everyday care, cleaning and feeding, the foster family spends time with them one-by-one, so the little puppies learn and acquire social skills in a playful way. Together they are open and easy-going but they tend to be a little bit uncertain and reserved when they are alone with their caregiver.
The 3 month-old puppies will stay in our care for a couple of more weeks. The process of choosing the candidates have begun. Many letter and phone calls come daily, so we ask for your kind patience during the process. Thank you.

Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue