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18.06.2013. – Tina found a forever home! 🙂

It’s been almost a year since Tina arrived into our care from the animal shelter of Kecskemét. This beautiful and active, young Dalmatian lady spent 6 months in a Hungarian fosterhome and then moved to Germany, where half year later – thanks to the kind help of our partner organization – she has finally found the home of her dreams.

Dear Tina/Lissy, we wish you many-many happy years in your loving family. 🙂

Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2013/Tina/


05.03.2013. – News about Tina


04.12.2012. – Tina arrived to Germany

Tina arrived to Germany on Sunday.
We escued the young Dalmatian lady from the animal shelter of Kecskemét six months ago. Her foster family offered her a place with the intention to adopt her later on. Soon it turned out that Tina is a lively, playful and nice girl, a bit goofy, though. It didn’t take long for her to become friends with the family’s own dogs. Sometimes they even needed to separate them from each other, because they play-manner hardly knew any limits like reorganizing the garden…
Nevertheless, the family took care of Tina with lots of love, they trained her and helped her to regain her shape. She was extremely thin when they welcomed her in June but later on she became a musculuous, highly energetic spotted girl.
Why did she need to change fosterhomes and travel to Germany indeed?
The family realized that caring for three dogs requires a lot more energy and attention and they had no possibility to provide a forever home for Tina. We have advertised her for half a year but our intentions brought no result. Now that winter is coming closer, we all wanted to give her a safe place, where she can spend the nights and days inside.
Since nobody offered another fosterhome for Tina here, we were happy to hear that one of the former adopters of the SOS Dalmatiner e.V. was interested in her.
Tina shares her new home and the family’s attention with a cute Dalmatian boy and we believe that she has much better chances to find a forever home this way.
We are in daily contact with our German partner organization and we receive news about Tina continuously, which we will also share here with you.



28.11.2012. – Tina arrived to Budapest.

Our volunteers brought Tina to Budapest from her fosterhome in Bács-Kiskun County.


24.11.2012. – Transport needed for Tina

Route: Kecskemét-Budapest from 25th November 2012.

Tina, the young Dalmatian lady is asking your help to be able to travel from Kecskemét to Budapest until 29th November. Having waited about half a year, the time has finally arrived for her to move to a nice family.
She is a friendly and healthy dog, vaccinated.
Takeover is possible in any part of Budapest.
Travel box given.
If you eventually travel from Kecskemét to Budapest and you have a spare seat fo this pretty, calm and healthy girl, please write to info@dalmatamentes.hu or call: +3630 .
Thank you!


06.09.2012. – Tina is waiting for your support!

We took her in our care in July. Her mental and physical rehabilitation was completed by her fosterfamily. Now she can’t wait to move to a sweet home, where she will be surrounded with lots of love.
This beautiful spotted lady had a serious illness then. She needed medicine but her veterinary care went beyond our prior estimates. Her foster family covers her feeding costs for more than 2 months!
Every small amount counts! Thank you for your contribution!

Dalmata Fajtamentő Közhasznú Egyesület
IBAN: HU57 1040 3923 5052 6590 8890 1008



25.08.2012. – Tina, the cat- and dogfriendly Dalmatian lady hopes to find a forever home


14.08.2012. – Tina, the 3-year-old Dalmatian lady needs a new home!

She was found wandering near Hetény in May. She was in caranteen for two weeks at the animal shelter of Kecskemét. In the beginning of July we took her in our care.
Tina is a friendly spotted lady, likes to be around people. She is a playful and energetic dog, gets on well with dogs and walks well on leash. She plays a lot with her dog-friends in her fosterhome. She has accepted their dog-friendly cat, too.
Recommended for owners with a family house, where she’s allowed to roam in the garden freely and go inside.
Vaccinated, dewormed, spayed, healthy.
Tina is waiting for her new family in our care. She can be adopted with an adoption contract following previous meetings and personal contact.
Tina would like to find someone, who will treat her as a member of the family and deal with her on a daily basis, because she requires human company.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (TINA)
More information: www.dalmatamentes.hu
Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/szuka/Tina/


06.07.2012. – Fundraising for Tina

We took over Tina from the animal shelter o Kecskemét.
Her foster family has already started her rehabilitation.
Our association covers the costs of her veterinary and daily care from donations.

Dalmata Fajtamentő KHE
K&H Bank Zrt.
HU57 10403923-50526590-88901008 (IBAN)
Note: Tina

Please, support her if you can! Every small amount counts. Food donations are welcome.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu

Thank you for your support!
You can see the actual stand of donations on our website: www.dalmatamentes.hu
where you can support her through PayPal by clicking on the Donate button.

05.07.2012. – Tina arrived into our care



22.06.2012. – Tina needs a fosterhome!

Tina lives in the animal shelter of Kecskemét. She is a friendly young Dalmatian lady, severly undernourished. Vaccinated, dewormed, gets on well with other dogs. We are looking for a foster family who could help her regain strength and raise her chances to find a loving home. Tina needs someone with a flat, where she could learn the basic rules of living inside. A family house would also be ideal, where she’ll be allowed to go inside and roam in the garden freely.
What we ask for: treat her as your own dog, take photos of her, write about her, deal with her on a daily basis.
What we provide: help in transportation and our organization will cover her veterinary costs and feeding, too. If you feel you can foster her until she gets adopted and you live in Budapest or Pest County, please write to info@dalmatamentes.hu.

Please, share her flyer: