Dalmata Mentés

Romi (mediated)

18.09.2014. – Romi found a home!

We just got the news that Romi has been adopted in the meantime. We have been trying to find her a solution since June and just as a nice couple applied to foster her, it turned out today that in fact she already lives in a loving home. 
We wish all the best for Romi !


20.06.2014. – Romi – 10 year-old Dalmatian lady needs a new home

Organization: Menhely az Állatokért Alapítvány (Kecskemét, Hungary)

Romi was taken to the animal shelter in the middle of May because of family reasons. She is a lovely, friendly and curious dog who loves being around people and taking part in their everyday activities. Despite her age she is still active, likes going for walks and she’s happy to play.
Recommended for families with older children. Gets on well with dogs and cats.
If she feels bored, she may try to find a way out of the garden, so if you live in a family house be sure that the fence is secured with a concrete base.
Romi is smaller than the average, she weighs around 20 kg.

Romi would like to move to a flat or a family house, where dogs are allowed to go and sleep inside anytime.
Romi is vaccinated (Rabies, combined),dewormed, microchipped, spayed. She is healthy.

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (ROMI)

We are looking for a foster family who could take care of Romi until she finds a forever home. Living in the shelter frightens her and we would like to provide her a warm and cozy place where she can stay until she finds a forever home. We give all support for fosterhomes (veterinary care, transport, equipment, also food, if needed). We are waiting for your application preferably from Budapest.

Please, share Romi’a post! Thank you!

Contact: info@dalmatamentes.hu (ROMI)
Phone : +36303457051 or +36203324632