Dalmata Mentés


12.11.2012 – Luna, luckily adopted 🙂

Many of you have notified us about a brown-spotted Dalmatian lady, who was spending the 14-day quarantine in the Illatosút dogpound:


We were prepared to take her over, one of our volunteers visited the place to get her. Interestingly, someone else was also there, prepared to adopt the dog. A short talk revealed that the other candidate is a real adopter-to-be, experienced in owning dogs, especially Dalmatians. After the spaying, she took the cuddling little lady home, who soon received a new name: Luna.

We stayed in touch with the family and have recently received news about Luna.
The young lady feels wonderful in her home, she is slowly gaining some weight and the stitches are healing well. She is a fast-learner, nice from nature and thankful for the love and care she gets. The family takes her on long walks, trains her though she has already understood the necessary commands: sit, down and stay. Incoming also goes perfect. Luna behaves spotless in the flat, as well.
The lively girl has immediately become everyone’s favourite within the dog company they often meet and she loves playing with her pals at home, too.
Dear Luna, we wish you many-many happy years in your lovely family!

Photos: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2012/Luna/