Dalmata Mentés


16.12.2012. – Frodó found a home

Frodo, the cute Dalmatian boy found a sweet home through our German partner organization, the SOS-Dalmatiner e.V. The fosterhome fell in love with him and their mix lady, Sunny accepted him easily. The two dogs have become good friends during the past weeks. Happy ending. 🙂

Photos of Frodó: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazdiratalalt/2012/Frodo/


18.11.2012. – First photos of Frodó from his forever home-to-be


12.11.2012. – Frodó set on a journey

We have advertised Frodo as a mediated dog since March. Now his time has finally arrived.
None of his candidates proved to be serious till now, but our German partner association, the SOS Dalmatiner e.V. has found a solution for him. A German family fell in love with Frodo’s cute photos and the personal meetings showed that their circumstances were ideal to welcome him in their home.
Organizing the transport required a cooperative work, as they told us a few weeks earlier that the family was waiting for Frodo. Then Frodo’s big day of travel arrived last Friday. We tried to place him in a fosterhome in the course of the past months, but his travel had to be cancelled due to his high-energy behavior.
Now his Hungarian foster family managed to bring him up to Budapest. We are thankful to the animal shelter of Bonyhád for the travel box they lent us for the secure transport.
Still, we had to face the most difficult task: find a place for Frodo for the day before his departure. Emma’s donation was a huge help. Frodo found a safe place in the large box in the garden of our volunteers relative. Frodo liked the box so much that he didn’t really want to come out of it, though our volunteers took him for walks and played with him.
Next day, he was busy with his travel, then Saturday dawn he arrived to Germany. No wonder, his new family is head over heels from Frodo.
We are waiting for the news about Frodo’s new life and we will share them with you together with the information we found out about his past. This is how Frodo’s story becomes complete.


30.03.2012 – Frodó needs a home

The 2 year-old Dalmatian guy was wandering on the streets of Őcsény during the winter in -20C°. An elderly lady felt sorry for the skinny and tired dog and took him home. She tried to find his owner but the search brought no result. The Dally regained his strength and turned out to be a beautiful dog. He is friendly with people and other animals. His carer can no longer look after him because her financial resources are limited, so she would like to find a loving family for him.
Frodo is a very friendly and energetic dog who needs daily walks with lots of exercise and some training, as well. Recommended for owners with a family house and garden. As a single dog or company to a female dog.
Contact : info@dalmatamentes.hu (FRODO)
More information: http://www.dalmatamentes.hu
More pictures: http://gallery.site.hu/u/dalmatamentes/gazditkeres/kanok/Frodo/