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02.12.2014. – Deni needs a foster or a forever home SOS!

Deni is in the shelter again. His behavior improved a lot in his fostehome. Thanks to the help of an experienced foster family he learnt that being around people is okay, he even lets them caress him and he knows the leash, too. Finding himself in the shelter again was a huge shock for him and he is totally confused now..

We received a short description from a volunteer of the shelter:

„Deni arrived back to us this afternoon. He is quite confused now but his behaviour improved so much that we hardly believed our eyes. He was a little bit afraid but he let us take him out of the car and walked with us on leash to his kennel. He let us touch his body, which never happened before. I managed to take two photos of him in this heavy downpour. We wanted to give him some time and space to calm down a little. We don’t recommend him for families with small children. He can act skittish around males, so we’d rather recommend him as a single dog or as a company to a friendly female. He needs a patient and experienced owner to provide him consistency, especially in the beginning of settling in. When he feels comfortable in his new surroundings, his friendly and clingy nature will come to the surface.”



24.11.2014. – Deni needs a foster or a forever home SOS!

Deni is a healthy 7-year-old Dalmatian male. He is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. He is looking for a patient and experienced owner. He would like to move to a family house with a garden and a secure fence. Recommended as a single dog. Not recommended for families with children and cats or other animals. He is good guard dog but he tends to escape out of the garden when he finds a chance. He is playful, likes fetching tennis balls and he is grateful for a little caress and fun.

Contact: Derecskei Állatbarátok Közhasznú Egyesülete
Phone: +36-20-4044-890, +36-20-4044-795
E-mail: allatbarat96@freemail.hu
Website: http://www.allatkucko.hu/


Deni’s story:

Deni’s family asked for help in July 2014, because they were moving to their new home within a few days and they couldn’t take the dog along. Deni lived in the garden of their house and he was allowed to move freely there. They played with him, threw tennis balls to him but they didn’t take him for walks and he didn’t really haved a chance to meet other dogs, let alone strangers.

Placing Deni was quite urgent but we couldn’t find a fosterhome in such a short time, so the family took him to the shelter of Derecske. His behaviour towards the volunteers clearly showed that he had serious socialization problems. He didn’t know the leash, tried to run away from it, redused to be touched, turned away from people and he didn’t get along with the dogs there for long weeks. He closed himself into his own little world and peeked out fearfully from his dog house to anyone who approached him. However, the animal rescuers didn’t give up on him. They took their time and treated him with patience in order to pull him out of that mental state he got into because he simply didn’t understand what was going on around him. Meanwhile, he got vaccinated, microchipped and neutered ( the Hungarian Dalmatian Rescue gave financial support to his surgery). Then they managed to place him in a fosterhome, where his foster family continued his rehabilitation. Unfortunately, Deni still doesn’t get along with other dogs, he simply doesn’t know how to behave with them. This means an ongoing problem in his fosterhome and as it seems now, he will soon have to return to the shelter, which will be another shock for him.

Please, share Deni’s post! He needs a foster or a forever home ASAP to avoid getting back to the shelter!