Dalmata Mentés

Chanel, Cherry, Casper and Cliff on trial adoption

Countless phone calls and emails arrived since we have uploaded photos and information about the C-litter in January. Reading through all the questionnaires and speaking with the applicants took a lot of time and energy from our part in order to find the right candidates for the puppies. Then we arranged a meeting with the families whose attitude, experience and circumstances seemed to be ideal to continue the get-to-know process.

The first family was interested in a little female but as they met Casper, they fell in love with him immediately. He felt the same, opened to them from the first second and took a short walk with them happily. He enjoyed the caresses, looked up at the people attentively and cuddled with great amusement. This was a typical case of the proverb “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”
Casper chose his future family and so the decision was made: he can begin trial adoption after the neutering. The surgery went well and after the 3-day control he continued the recovery in his new home, where he is surrounded by the love and attention of his new family.

Chanel made her choice, as well. That afternoon as we met the families, the little spotted girl climbed up onto her applicant’s lap and fell asleep within 5 seconds. Our hearts melted as we saw this happen. The shy lady, who behaved so reserved all the time and kept a distance from the people around, now initiated a close physical contact with a person that she had met only a few minutes ago. Later, when she was awake again, she took a nice walk with the family, much to our surprise, because earlier she was the only one who refused to take even a single step on the leash. She behaved open and friendly with the family and we were convinced that she was the one to know who’s going to be the best for her.  The sixth sense of a dog always proves to be a wise guide.

Cherry is a lively and pretty puppy who caught the eye of a nice family a few weeks ago. She had several applicants so it was not so easy to choose the right ones but the first meeting proved to us that our intuition worked well again.
Cherry was spayed and after the 3-day control she moved to her new home on trial adoption. She is doing great, plays a lot with the family and enjoys the warmth of a loving environment.

Cliff, our little troublemaker is doing great in his new home. His candidate has read all the information about our organization and the adoption process, so they arrived well-prepared to our first “date”. The lady is a very experienced dog owner, works at a dog training school and her own Labrador male is also a friendly and balanced type who is going to be a wise teacher for Cliff.
As they are into dog sports (frisbee, agility, etc.), the lady was looking for a dog who would be ideal for the same activities. Cliff is quite like an energy bomb and he requires a bit more attention and a more assertive attitude from the owner’s part. He is in the best hands now, he will get a positive training and who knows? He may also try himself in various sports competitions later on.
What a happy Dalmatian-life.